Rental home's going into foreclosure.?

In the past my family and I have unknowingly moved into rental homes that without warning go into foreclosure without any warning from our home owner.

im curious if there are any websites out there that I could use to check maybe the current state that a home is in and how up to date the owner is on their payments.

even if not, just any way that I could check out the information about a home other than just zillow. I would like to be proactive and actually put some research into a home without just taking the renters "good word" so I don't get put into the situation where I'm having to move homes yet again because I took the owners word. Better safe than sorry specially when it costs you money.

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    Search "(your county)" Public Trustee" and you put in the address - or just call them - to find out if it's in foreclosure.

    You can also find out owners name through county records (just call main number and they'll direct you) then search their names online + city they live in - to see if there are any bankruptcies, judgements or late property taxes - it will give you some insight into a possible future issue with their properties.

    I know someone who has 3 homes in foreclosure and rents all of them.

    Owner doesn't live in any of them but keeps refinancing them and has been renting them for 3 - 4 years. Just knows how to play the lenders.

    So just because a home is in foreclosure doesn't mean you have to move any particular time.

    You might find a perfect house that is not in foreclosure then the owner doesn't renew the lease as they decide to sell the house - even if you want to renew.

    Welcome to renting.

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    Your logic is flawed.

    1) You can be asked to move at any time for any or zero reason with 30 days' notice if you have a month to month rental agreement. It has nothing to do with foreclosure.

    2) If you have a lease it will be transferred to the new owner if the ownership changes while you live there. This includes foreclosure.

    3) Foreclosure is actually a pretty long process. It can take a full year or more.

    The best way to prevent being asked to move with only 30 days' notice is to:

    1) Insist on a lease as opposed to a month-to-month agreement; or

    2) Buy your own home.

    As far as your question goes, liens (including mortgages) are public. The county will be able to tell you if there is a mortgage on the property or not. As far as payment status goes, that is private. The only way I could see that you might be able to check that out is to run a credit check on your Good luck with that. :-)

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    If you have a lease that was entered into before the foreclosure notices started going out to the owner, you will never be out on your ear with no notice. The new owner MUST either continue the lease or offer you a minimum of 90 days IF they plan to reside there.

    If you have a lease that was entered into after the landlord knew about the foreclosure, the lease may be unenforceable after the property is sold. (Title VII)

    If you became a tenant and the landlord signed a lease with you after he knew foreclosure was proceeding, the new owner would be wise to still give you 90 days notice to vacate.

    There are websites that list "pre foreclosures" and all foreclosure auctions are public record. Your real estate agent or any title company should have a copy of these lists that they can forward to you.

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    6 years ago

    The owner's financial information is not public record & you cannot find anything until the foreclosure is filed in court. Any information on if they have been paying or not is private until then. Once anything is filed in court that is public record. So if the owner is heading to foreclosure but the bank has not filed yet you have no way to find that out.

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    No such website. Until the foreclosure notices arrive, there's no way to be sure.

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    You can ask the owner.

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