Im looking for a cooling device (fan or other) for sleeping in a small space (on a Navy ship).?


Im not sure the exact measurements of a bed (rack) on a Navy ship, because Ive never taken the time to measure it. Im sure it can be googled. Im trying to find a fan or super small AC that can cool inside of my rack on the ship. It has to be quite as to not wake the others surrounding me. I would like for it to possibly be able to circulate air inside my sleeping bag. If I had to guess the amount of room that I have from the top of he mattress to the bottom of the rack above me is about 1.5ft.

Update 2:

It needs to be small enough to fit inside of my rack (small stowage). approx 4-6 inches deep, not quite sure. I have a small battery powered fan with foam blades but its noisy and battery powered. I have 1 power outlet that is directly above my head. I was thinking of putting a tube in my sleeping bag to get air everywhere but i need to be able to fold my bag and rack up.

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  • elhigh
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    7 years ago
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    Forget AC. I'm positive the ship's officers wouldn't permit it. Besides, an AC has to have someplace to dump the heat it moves, and you won't have easy access to something like that.

    With your space constraints, possible power restraints and noise demands, find a computer fan. If you have to, build a small housing for it so you can clip it to the underside of the rack above you. It's easy to find even a big one in 12v, and most of them are VERY quiet.

    If you can't find one in 120v AC (or whatever ship's power is), you'll most likely need to adapt your fan to a 12v DC power supply, but that's super easy to do.

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