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ebay bid scam?


Someone just bought my used iphone 5s off of ebay for 1025$ and it feels fishy, is it a scam?

please respond quickly

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  • 6 years ago
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    100% SCAM

    Nobody is going to pay over $1000 for a used iphone when there are thousands of others for sale on Ebay for $400 or less

    This is a scam

    I can guarantee they asked for your Paypal address. That's how you know it's a scam. A real buyer does not need this as they pay through Ebay

    Report the buyer's account ASAP to Ebay

    Also to avoid most scammers, make sure your settings show you DO NOT ship internationally and make sure your description states very clearly that you will ONLY ship to Paypal verified addresses. Also DO NOT offer Buy it Now if you are a new seller as the scammers will target you. Their accounts are rarely open long enough to complete the bidding process

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  • 6 years ago

    Yes, very fishy. I used to get those on Amazon all the time. They want you to send the product before they pay or you simply get a fake message saying they paid it.

    option 2...

    You were the competition so they bid you out to remove your product from the bid list in order to sell their own higher.

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  • Y
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    6 years ago

    Check the buyers ratings.

    If they're all stupid generic stuff:






    Then you know he's a scammer IS possible (very rare though) that someone will earn a bunch of legitimate ratings and ultimately become a scammer to trick people into thinking they're real account. A "Throw-away" account as I like to call it.

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  • 6 years ago

    Yeah it does. Twice the going price of a new one?

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