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How many people have owned a" Sophie" or a" Bella" as Lauren Bacall did and will you leave her as well provided for?

The little Papillon who is 12 years old was left a trainer and 10 thousand dollars for shots and whatever else she needs. But her Mommy is gone. .......

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Very few of us would be in a position to leave our pets as well provided for as Lauren Baccal did. But if I knew my life was coming to an end soon, I would try to find a family member or friend to take care of my pets at least as well as I have.

    Both my poodle and my cat are about 14 right now, so barring a catastrophe, the Vegas odds are that I out-live the both of them.

    Celebrities are the only ones who both have the loot, and are whacked out enough to spend it that way. Peersonally, I would rather see a sum of money provide a moderate level of care to way more animals, that to provide just a few with a Royal Existence that they are not even aware of.

  • 7 years ago

    I don't think that 10 thousand is a lot of money when you are worth 26 million especially when a trainer is buying treats and providing grooming. That dog desperately needed grooming. Look at the little dog above. She is well groomed and I can assure you her owner is not worth 26 million although she might be whacked out.

  • 7 years ago

    I raised these dogs since 1991 and showed them and now I only have 2 as my husband is in the Veteran Home and I know they would miss me. They are very smart but very adaptable.

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