Why does my laptop screen go black during Netflix streaming via HDMI?

This is what happens:

1. I turn on my laptop and hook it up to the hdmi cable to my TV.

2. I go on Netflix.

3. I put on a series.

4. I watch one episode without any problems.

5. The show ends and Netflix starts counting down til the next episode starts.

6. As soon as the next episode starts, the TV image goes black and the audio stops coming out of the TV and comes out of the laptop.

7. I unplug the hdmi cable, then connect it back to the laptop and then the image and audio comes back on the TV.

8. Go back to step 4 and everything happens again after each episode.

Is this a problem with my TV, laptop, hdmi cable, or browser? I have no idea why it does this and wondered if anyone else had the same problem.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    tricky aspect. search in the search engines. that will might help!

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