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is it ok to call cops on noisy neighbor above me?

Every time music plays I can hear it pretty loud its not shaking apartment BT its loud

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    Yes, because it is considered noise pollution, but if you have a rebellious type of neighbour they'll do it even more if they know it bothers you. I live in a similar situation as you, except I am the one who is above. I sometimes get annoyed by the neighbour's constant thumping and running sounds from downstairs, but I try not to complain because when I watch the news I have the TV on a little too loud so I can make sure I hear every word. I just kind of deal with their thumping sounds and I hope they deal with my TV, but usually I listen to music through my headphones and I sleep with earplugs in at night, that works for me perhaps it will work for you. Just remember that they have to stop or leave sometime.

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    I would see if you can record the noise from within your home.

    Yes, call the police. Better yet, get other neighbors to join in on a telephone chain where each of you calls the police in five minute intervals. This will get the police's attention and they will then take it seriously. If you are the only one who repeatedly complains, in the police's eyes, you are the problem, not the noise making assaholics.

    So, talk to your neighbors and see how they feel about the noise. If it is loud enough for you to hear, the neighbors must also hear it as well.

    The thing is that apartment buildings are built for one reason, for the landlord to rake in the rent money. The structures are build cheaply and without insulation in the floors/ceilings or walls. It is such a pity, but the reality millions of people face when sharing a dwelling with other tenants.

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    The classic route, Anon', is neighbor first, as boogabooga suggests. Second is landlord. And third is legal authority; but caution on that - the police are there to enforce the law ... if no law is broken, there is nothing to enforce. I support booga's suggestion. Many folk are nonconfrontational and would hesitate to do this. In that case, you could try leaving an anonymous note.

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    Depending on where you live there can be laws on how loud/what time music can be played. Check up on a government website, if they are breaking the law then call the cops.

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    dont be a cop caller!! last thing you want is drama with your neighbors. do the neighborly thing and knock on their door and ask them to be quiet. maybe they dont know they are bothering you or that you can hear it. the worst they can say is "no." if they do that then you could make a noise complaint with the local police station. but nobody likes having the cops called on them when it could be solved so simply

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    They also drop or throw things making loud thud. Its 1 am. Can't play loud music after certain time but idk how loud is too loud. Seems kind of loud to me

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    You could, but it would be more appropriate to (at least try this first) speak to the hotel management about it. Or knock on their door and ask them to please keep it down. No reason to call the police with something that can be handled between yourselves.

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    Of course you can!

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