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I have a 25 inch waist. Why do I feel like a whale?

I'm 19, 5'6 133 lbs 34-25-35. Everyone says I'm thin but I'm in the middle of my weight range (114-154 lbs). I feel as if I'd need to lose 10-15 lbs more to be thin. I look at Michelle Dockery on Downton Abbey and wish I could be that skinny ):

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    Hun before I started working out I was 4'11, 112lbs and my measurements were 35-32-34, and even back then I didn't get called "fat" or even looked "fat" I just looked blocky. Pretty much I had no shape. Now after slimming down my stomach I still weigh the same but my new measurements are 35-27-34. My goal is to have a 24-25 inch waist but to be honest I'm perfectly fine with mine as it is lightly toned and almost flat, so if you're 25 inch waist makes you a "whale" then I guess I'm going to go around and say I'm the size of a planet. See how much hate I get from the women around me that are 200lbs+ with 38 inch waists. And who cares if you're in the middle of your weight range. Technically I am too, I'm supposed to be between 95-119lbs, and trust me I'm far from fat. I find it comical that someone who has a waist that is microscopic compared to what mine used to be is calling herself a "whale" really funny.

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    The range you refer to also takes into account your frame and bone size. A very small boned woman would weigh less than you. A very large boned woman would weight more than you. You are fine with your weight and height. I am 5'6" and weight just a little less than you and I am thin. I'd like to gain some weight but I have a fast metabolism. Don't be obsessive. Be happy that you are where you are.

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    The enemy tells us lies all the time. We have to choose to believe the truth. Living by only one's emotions is what babies do.

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    You might have more fat than muscle which is why you might think you look "skinny fat". Your measurements are perfect but still - gaining some muscle and toning up might help.

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    Why do you keep asking this

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