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中翻英的部分就是 材料和做法喔~

畫面別太複雜 我英文很爛><~


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  • 6 years ago
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    The Chinese Food Bakery on Almond cake:-

    Ingredients+materials:-(50 pieces)

    Grain Almond (skinned)150g

    Green bean powder 600g

    Sugar power 450g

    Almond power 150g

    Water 50 ml

    Pig lard,or shortening (soft)300g

    Almond seasame oil 1 teaspoon


    Kitchen Utentiles:-

    Food bags 1

    Almond round cake mould 1

    Rubber knife 1

    Iron blade 1

    Stick 1

    Baking tray 1



    (1)Put the original grains almond in a food bag,crumbled with a stick.

    (2)Mixing with a rubber knife to all other materials. Add water&try rubbing them in both hands up to no powder form.

    (3)Put the well-mixed powder heap into small heaps on table.

    ---Put in material into Almond cake die-cast mould.Press with stainless steel scraper&remove extra of material to level. Hammer with stick to release the cake. Put to bake on a stainless steel lining network frame to roast.Repeat each step to complete all material.

    (4)Put in oven 150c&baking for 30min;Leave the door open to dry up.Take out on the baking tray to cool&ready to serve.

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  • 6 years ago

    >這家不錯 lv333。cC買幾次啦真的一樣


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