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Is the smoke from a pen vaporizer 100% THC or does it still contain carcinogens?

I have one of those vaporizer pens with a ceramic chamber and a heating element that burns the bud and filters it through a ceramic filter. I dont see how using this is different from hitting a bong, because it is still igniting the plant matter. Will i only get all thc from using a volcano type vaporizer, or do all vaporizers cut out the carcinogens?

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    Thats an easy fix.

    Get a honeycomb screen glass filter. It will make sure the dry herb is not sitting on the coil therefore it will vaporize it and not combust the dry herb like its doing.

    Its only less than $4 and you wont need to invest in a new and expensive vaporizer again.

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    I've heard bad things about ceramic filters. Get the new Atmos Raw vaporizers with glass filters:

    If you're smoking, regardless you'll have carcinogens. Even if it filters, it won't filter everything.

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