Will my eyesight return to normal? I'm 14?

I've been homeschooled(due to health problems that are history now) for past 7 years and all those years you can imagine I was only at computer day and night,I can safely say 15+ hours a day. I can still see without glasses(and I've none) but I hardly get out of the house,now I'm starting to as I can and if I don't use computer and mobile or only a little will it be okay? Any suggestions? :( I don't want glasses or lenses pls :( How much daily,food,vitamins,anything guys pls :(

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    6 years ago
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    Download an app called Flux onto your PC. It filters out blue light on your computer after dark, which is better for your eyes.

    Also, going outside and taking walks or running is extremely beneficial.

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    5 years ago

    IT sounds like eyestrain. Using computers 14 hours a day is going to do that. Focusing on far away objects every so often helps but its not enough. Break midday for an hour and use only your distance vision - go for a walk before you start and when you finish no TV, no reading listen to music or radio or get some exercise. Eye strain is temporary but at that sort of hours its almost impossible to avoid. Using your distance vision only for about a week helps to fetch it back to normal. I'd also have an eyesight test . Anything less than absolutely perfect will make eyestrain worsel Keep the screen at arms length - dont' face a light source ( window shouldn't be in front or behind you for example).

  • 6 years ago

    Yeah only way to improve your eye sights are naturally. Eat lots of vitamin C, A, B (I think) and also eat carrots! They are great for your eyes! Now to improve your eye sights YOU NEED TO GO OUTSIDE! Going outside is the best way to improve your eyesights, especially look at green stuff not on the computer screen you need to go play at your backyard or if you live out of town, then go and see to some forests. my ye sights where first about 1.5 (average) and then I spent so much time on the play station my eye sight dropped to 0.9! So my mum bought me a new bike and after school everyday she would force me to go outside. After a year my eye sight piped back up to 2.0! Good luck and stay healthy ;)

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