Need a help to find a movie's name ?

i watched this movie on tv but it was about to end , so i couldn't see its name .

it was a dram movie i guess , there was a family , father is taxi driver , mother is working at supermarket and they have two kids but kids are obese ( one boy and one girl ) .

The Boy got sick i dont know why but mother try to find his husband but failed then he came lately and they discuss their family issues , father told mother their teen ages , she was very beautiful but he was fat etc.

i couldn't explain well but it was end of like end of the movie

Sorry for bad language , thanks .

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    7 years ago
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    All or Nothing (2002)

    The setting is a typically cheerless council flat in Southeast London, where Phil (Timothy Spall), a taxi driver with Gladiator Cars, and his common-law-wife, Safeway supermarket cashier Penny (Lesley Manville), live with their two children, Rachel (Alison Garland) and Rory (James Corden). Rachel works as a housekeeper at a nursing home while morbidly obese Rory does nothing but lie on the couch, watch TV and insult his mother.

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    Try Googling some of what you know about the movie maybe the title will come up I did that with a book I read and couldn't remember the title of

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    7 years ago

    Donnie Darko

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