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Is it normal to find it hard to get a penis in your vagina?

I have only had sex twice, both very recently, and both times we have struggled getting the penis into my vagina. I'm guessing it's just because I wasn't very wet? Because it was much easier once we used lube. Could it just be that reason or is there something wrong with me? Or is it because of inexperience, like does this get easier after having sex more?

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    Regardless of how experienced a woman is, it is fairly common for there to be a bit of difficultly.

    Some women are built "tighter" than others. You can loosen up a bit with more experience but even with experience this happens. I'm 27 and have had sex more times than I could ever begin to count, but my boyfriend still has to work a bit at times for penetration. Being fully aroused by engaging in foreplay makes a difference. As well as using a lubricant. If a guy is built a bit larger, it can be a little more difficult than if you are with a smaller guy.

    There is nothing wrong with you at all. This is incredibly common. I'd just make sure that there is plenty of foreplay beforehand and would use lubricant. :)

  • 7 years ago

    Women's sexual challenges can be difficult to diagnose. It could be psychological, physical, or some combination of the two. 1 in 4 women worldwide experience some chronic sexual dysfunction, but most of these problems are treatable. Unlike men, women often need foreplay to get aroused. Men can just "get hard" and have sex right away, but women often need to be put in the mood so that their vaginas relax and begin to self-lubricate. Think about some things that you would like your man to do for you to get you turned on and then tell him. Sometimes just thinking about sex or the man in her life can cause a woman to be ready down there, but other times lube and/or sex toys are required, or the man should be willing to go down on her. The woman can reciprocate by going down on her man as well. As far as you getting turned on, sex is a marathon, it's not a sprint.

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    If you're turned on and don't have vaginismus, you could just have a really tough hymen. I had trouble for about 3-4 years until after I had my first kid. My boyfriend and husband apparently weren't able to tear it enough to make it easy, so it was hard to get in and very painful. My kid pretty much ripped it down the middle and I didn't have any trouble getting my husband in after that.

  • Kristi
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    Everything sex related is better and easier with lube. Even if you do not think you need it, it still helps.

    You may also want to take his penis and move it to the right spot before he penetrates. If not, he is just poking around until it goes in.

    Take care.

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  • 7 years ago

    This is common just keep lubricanted any way you can. and try inserting closest to the pee hole. If u try and insert closest to your rim it can make things more complicated and even possibly tear u a little. Good luck

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