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How to start cooking??

Im fifteen year old and want to learn how to please can u help me by telling me how to what should I do first..

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    I would start with fixing salads, the wider the range, the better. Asian cabbage salad, Greek salad, coleslaws, 3-bean salad, pasta salads, potato salads, etc. Some will involve boiling water, learning to test the pasta and veggies for when they are tender. For pasta, just follow the directions on the package. For veggies, a fork should easily penetrate them without them falling apart; they may part into two, but not crumble.

    A simple stew is potatoes, carrots and onions. I just chop them all, carrots, smaller than potatoes, and onions diced the smallest. Then a couple inches of bullion in the bottom of a covered pot and simmer (slow boil) for about 30 minutes. Season with a little salt and pepper to taste. For variety, you may try some herb, like oregano, basil, rosemary, or bay leaves, and some spice like turmeric, paprika, or cumin.

    Then I would turn to pancakes, learning to know when to flip them by judging the top. You can peak underneath to get an idea when is best. With the same recipe, just add less water, and you can make biscuits, Just flour a clean surface, put on the dough and flour its top, then you can simply use your hands to roll it to about an inch thick, cut the biscuits with a drinking glass, and bake at about 350F for about a 20-30 minutes. It's okay to check the inside with a fork or knife to know when they are done. They should still have some steam (moisture) but not be doughy. Dumplings and noodles are made the same way. Dumplings are simply biscuits boiled in a broth, and noodles are with thin rolled dough and cut into strips. You can also roll out the same dough into a pizza or shape into a loaf and bake either on a flat floured pan or in a lightly oiled dish.

    YouTube has a lot of good chefs on it. Rockin Robin has some basic, good Mexican dishes. She grew up cooking with her Dad in their Mexican restaurant. Curtis Stone is fun to watch with some of his recipes.

    Some good basic equipment: three good knives, a 3" paring knife, a 8-12" chef/butcher knife for chopping, and a bread knife. A 10-12" deep skillet with a lid, a 4 qt covered pot that, and a smaller sauce pan with a lid. All of these pans and lids should be oven safe. Then at least one covered glassware that can be microwaved or oven baked. A couple graters, and a peeler. Buying a few well made utensils is better than having a drawer full, like a good spatula and a nice big spoon. A whisk is handy but not needed. I like having a large flexible scrapper/spatula too. A rolling pin is not necessary unless you get into a lot of baking that needs it, some people improvise with other round cylinders. Hands work amazing well for a lot of tasks.

    This will get you started. I hope you have fun, and there is more in my other answers if you like.

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    You should honestly think about all of the different foods that you like personally. Then go online and look at easy recipes for each of those foods or dishes. Go get the ingredients and start cooking! If you start off with a basic preparation of your favorite dishes you can work your way into trying new things like adding or substituting ingredients the more times you make it until you master it.

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    Probably the easiest way to start cooking is to cook with your Mom or Grandmother. But the next best way is to Google Youtube videos. I Googled "Youtube How to make Roast Chicken" and up popped a number of videos.

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    You can even find videos that tell you what you need to start cooking or beginners courses. Here I googled "Youtube what do I need to start cooking?"

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    Scrambled eggs. Almost impossible to do wrong but almost impossible to do perfect, too. Put some butter in the pan, melt it. Scramble up two eggs and put them in, add some milk (not too much), add a dash of pepper and salt.

    Watch it cook. You can watch the heat transform the liquid eggs into something more solid.

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    Well it depends on what you are planning to cook. Think about what you wanna cook and try searching the receipe of the food on internet and start cooking

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    Look online/magazines for easy recipes - BBC Easy Cook have lots of simple recipes.

    Start helping your parents cook - watch and learn

    What type of things do you enjoy eating? - look online for simple recipes for those foods.

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    Just dive right in, I say. Find recipes with clear instructions that interest you (you could also find videos or step by step guides that are really helpful) and start cooking! :)

    As long as you follow the recipe you'll find it isn't too difficult. Practice makes perfect. :)

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