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Are 'on base' rotations in the Army really like a 2nd job, 7 days a week? My bf is a LT at Ft. Polk and flipped personalities after starting?

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    Ok: on base rotations at Ft Polk refers to his obligation at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Ft Polk. He is either going through the training, or is on the permanent staff.

    During the time of a rotation, the training center simulates a realistic military conflict. It is very real, and leaders are evaluated on how well the participate and react to complex military tasks. This is what makes the US military great.

    As a LT during rotations, he is under extreme duress and is working two or three times the amount of hours than normal. Upwards to 20 + hour days. Remember, the rotations make him a stronger, more experienced Soldier and leader. A lot of people are relying on him to make decisions, take risks, and to learn.

    Be kind to him, support him, give him a place of comfort and be proud of him. Congratulations your BF is in the top 1% of America. Be all you can be for him, and he will be able to take care of his Soldiers lives, and become great!

    Source(s): Career US Army officer and Veteran
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    Never heard of this. There are additional duties assigned, especially to LTs and there are extra duty details that are in addition to a Soldier's assigned job. "flipped personalities"? Explain.

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    WTF is an 'on base' rotation?!

    the military can be and frequently is a 24/7/365 kind of thing. as a Junior Officer he has it even worse as he has many other responsibilities than enlisted folks do.

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