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She replayed to all of my texts, but when asked for second date she won't replay back...? What's going on?

I met this beautiful girl online and met her face to face for the first date, it went really great, she was laughing on all of my jokes and then in our conversation very comfortably I told her I can meet her on Wednesday since she told me before on her texts that Wednesday is her off day and can met with me. So she agreed and exactly told me what time she would be able to meet up again. Now after the first date I txt her normally to just keep the spark alive until the Wednesday and she would reply either slow or in 30minuts. But on Tuesday I asked her for wednesday to meet up she did not reply to my txt up until now. I wounded what's going on in her head. Why replay to all of my txts but when asked for the second date she won't reply to my txts. I don't want to keep texting her I guess that will make me a creep. Please help me out.

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    "Now after the first date I txt her normally to just keep the spark alive..."

    Big mistake. That makes you look like you are needy and have no self control. You think you are keeping the spark. What she sees is an insecure guy messaging "Do you still like me? I like you, do you like me?" That's how she sees it.

    You also rushed it by asking her for a date while you were still on the first date. You came on too strong. She needs a couple days off to just enjoy the memory of the date.

    Here is what you need to do. After a first date, you say goodbye and wait 3-4 days to CALL her for the next date. Lock down the details and say "Great. I'll talk to you then."

    No contact between dates. Women get more excited as the date approaches. She is wondering where you are and what you are doing. She is thinking about you.

    You have to have some James Bond attitude. You are a fun guy, but you're also smooth and a little mysterious. She has to wait for the dates to talk to you because you have lots of other things going on in your busy life.

    You must go slow with a woman and practice self control. As her interest in you goes up, she will ask to see you more often.

    Side Note: Lots of people claim to have great first dates. Connection, chemistry, soul mates, love at first sight, meant to be, and all that.

    Dating Rule: Don't take what a person says seriously until you make it to 10 dates.

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    Sounds like she's just being polite and isn't interested in another date.,

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    Probably doesnt qanna go on another date

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    yea i think she doesnt want to go on a second date

    Good Luck

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    She likes talking to you but there is no connection in person let it go.

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    hello my friend dont be bother about that......

    its just a simple thing happening in every relation ship specially online......

    i know that she loves you .. besides her ignoring she plan to give you surprise,,,,, so wait for surprise......

    enjoy your life................

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