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how can i get replys from girls on

im keep sending messages to girls, trying to make every message different and ask questions whats on their profile, like what they do etc, all between 18-25 who i like near me, i message them, i even message girls without pic on and they still dont reply to me :( most just look at my profile and never reply:(. i have 3 decent photos of me on, so i dont know how im going to get a girlfriend:(?..... im 22 and had no girlfriend ever:(:(:(

now im thinking would it make a differene if i sign up to a porn site like a lesbian one and upload my dick/cock? or am i over thinking?

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    It certainly is a lot easier for girls on pof. One of my friends who was on it for a day got over 100 mgs( just insane) so there is obviously a much higher guy ratio on there for some reason.

    I think you need to evaluate a few things:

    1) Type of relationship you want flings, dating or marriage as certain websites are better for each one. I don't know anyone who's met a partner on pof, it's more of a fling website. A website that is specialised like uniformdating or religion ones perhaps has a greater chance of relationships.

    2) You need to be putting the right stuff up on your profile. Such as if i'm looking for a relationship and i see your username is stud91- that doesn't really say relationship it says man whore. Also pictures of you and your friends drinking firstly confusing, as now the viewer is confused as she doesn't know who you are and 2nd you look like an alco. Same with pics of you dick- like wtf, id run the other way(maybe its fine for tinder or pof if you have the thing set to flings but otherwise why would you think that's the 1st thing a girl wants to see >< If you have a dog that's always a good pic- makes the person look caring.

    3) I see that you are definitely trying to find things in common when messaging them which is always good. Perhaps try a little bit of mystery, say something intriguing to catch her attention.

    Well best of luck with it.

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    Many american women just like/want the attention. Rejection is a power trip for them. I think only 20% of guys can get a reply. Look in another country.

  • they get a lot of messages, its a numbers game, just keep sending them out, don't get down on yourself.

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