How long does it usually take non bargin career employees to become regular employees at the United States Postal Service?

I'M m a non career employee appointed on terms, but wanted to know how long it usually take to be a career employee at the Post Office.

And will I be stuck on a night shift or in a a bid job nobody usually wants like group leader or the dock or on the dock, or stuck dumping heavy sacks.

Can new career employees be place on day shift? can mail handler assistant be place on day shift?

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    6 years ago
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    The upgrade to a career employee will vary upon openings, this will be different depending on which facility you are working in, I work in a mid sized plant as a career mail handler and its all based upon vacancy and the usual openings will follow up with a night or day shift rather than mornings as most individuals will bid upon the open position before you are assigned as they have first dibs to switch positions as a career employee over someone becoming a career to fill a positions opening, your union steward can further answer this based upon your plants facility openings and possible openings.

  • Ann
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    6 years ago

    My sister took a while to get into a regular position. A job had to be vacated, which means someone retired or transferred. So the time depends on a current employee leaving their job.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    talk to your union steward - that is what you are paying dues for.

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