2012autocad 程式開啟視窗好大 求解(20點







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    That *should* work. You might as a test just set your resolution to 1024x768 (though it will look terrible on your display) then launch AutoCAD successfully. At that point, change your resolution back and see if it continues to work. Good luck!

    Edit: I also tried searching for a certified and tested driver for your video card and setup, and this is what was displayed from Autodesk:

    The combination of your selections is either not supported or has not been tested by Autodesk.



    One Soultion:

    as a try, I changed the Monitor's color ( in Right click or Display>screen resolution> Monitor Tab>colors) from 32bit to 16 and it looks much better. even thought i have to do it each time I open CAD.


    Once we changed Display Magnification to 100%, the error did not appear when starting AutoCAD.

    To change the setting in Windows 7:

    1.Close all applications; a log-off will be required

    2.RMB on the desktop > Personalize > Display (lower corner of dialog box)

    3.Select Smaller - 100% > Apply > Log off now

    4.Login and test AutoCAD

    I hope this information was helpful.

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    A2:AUTOCAD->工具->選項->顯示->囗工具列使用大按鈕(取消 )->確定

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