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what are some movies like losing Isaiah and a place for annie?

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    "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" (TV 2008) is similar in that a woman adopts an unwanted child and the biological parent reenters their lives several years later.

    Storyline --

    On a snowy winter night in 1964, Dr. David Henry rushes his pregnant wife Norah to the hospital, where, with help from her husband and nurse Caroline Gill, she delivers their son Paul. However, Dr. Henry discovers that his wife was carrying twins, and helps her deliver the second child, a baby girl named Phoebe. Shortly after Phoebe's birth, he finds that she has Down Syndrome, and hands her over to Nurse Caroline, explaining that the death of his ill sister nearly destroyed their mother and he doesn't want Norah to go through that. Instead, he instructs Caroline to take Phoebe to a nearby institution for the mentally ill, figuring the child won't live much longer, and tells Norah that Phoebe was a stillborn. However, after visiting the institution and seeing the state of the other patients, Caroline takes the baby home with her, stopping along the way to buy formula and diapers. With help from a truck driver named Al, Caroline begins to raise the baby as her own.

    "Bless the Child" (2000) is similar but it borders on a horror movie.

    Storyline --

    A nurse adopts her niece after her drug-addicted sister abandons the baby in her care. 6 years pass and the sister comes back and wants the child -- but for evil purposes.

    "A Simple Twist of Fate" (1994) is a comedy/drama about a man who adopts an orphan child.

    Storyline --

    Michael McCann (Steve Martin) is a man who feels totally betrayed by the world, after his wife revealed to him that their child was not his. A few years after his break-up we find him living alone in a small town. But, everything in his miserable life changes when he adopts a little girl whose mother died outside his house. After several years, the real father returns to claim the girl from Michael, thinking that she will be an advantage for his political career.

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