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do you know the title of this song? or at least the artist?

if you're wondering why i didn't just google the lyrics....

i did, but i didn't have any luck~ either I've misheard the lyrics or it's just from some indie free music website? i don't know. haha :D

also, if you're wondering how I got this music if i didn't know the title nor the artist~~~

well i heard it from a video so i just trimmed the video and converted it to mp3.

but i really enjoy the style so i was hoping i'd look for more of the artist's work.

any answer is appreciated and thanks in advance :))

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(i know yahoo answers has an "Add photo/video" feauture, but it didn't work last time i guess? because i've had no answers when i asked the same question last time)

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    According to Shazam, it is Bitter Sweet, by Bob Bradley & Matt Sanchez & Steve Diamond & Sarah Wassel. The Lounge Sessions 3.

    Here is the video:

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      OMG @.@ i don't know that Shazam thing because sadly i don't own a smart phone ^^"

      but uhhh i truly appreciate your answer :D i'll give best answer as soon as it's available (1hour) thank you ;D

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