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請將下列問卷調查的內容翻成英文,謝謝 !

貳、環境設施 一、空氣調節(冷、暖氣)適中:□很滿意 □滿意 □普通 □不滿意 □很不滿意 二、空間寬敞、環境整潔: 三、治療診間隱密性: 參、工作人員的服務態度 一、櫃台人員態度親切和善: 二、醫師態度親切和善: 三、護理人員態度親切和善: 四、美容師態度親切和善: 肆、病人安全及醫療過程 一、醫師在治療前充分說明及解答我的疑問: 二、醫師在治療時充分說明並詢問我意見: 三、護理人員在治療前,詳細說明流程及細項滿意

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    II. Environment and Facilities1. Quality of In-Door Air Conditioning:Very Good, Good, OK, Poor, Very Poor2. Spaciousness and Cleanness:3. Privacy in Treatment Areas III. Client/Patient Service Attitude1. Friendliness of Front Desk Clerks2. Kindliness of Physicians3. Congeniality of Nurses4. Amiability of Cosmetologists IV. Patient Safety and Treatment1. Physicians explain and answermy questions fully and thoroughly before treatment.2. Physicians explain and inquire my opinions fully and thoroughly during treatment.3. Nurses give me detailed information about treatments and procedures satisfactorily.

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    II, environmental facilities

    First, air conditioning (cold, heating) moderate: □ □ very satisfied satisfied dissatisfied □ □ □ very dissatisfied ordinary

    Two spacious, clean environment:

    Third, treatment clinics between privacy:

    Senate staff attitude

    First, how friendly counter staff attitude:

    Second, physicians how friendly attitude:

    Third, the nurses how friendly attitude:

    Fourth, beauticians how friendly attitude:

    Wantonly, patient safety and medical procedures

    A physician fully explain and answer my questions before treatment:

    Second, physicians fully explained and asked my views on the treatment of:

    Three nurses before treatment, a detailed description and breakdown processes satisfaction

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