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I'm thinking of going for the 360 wave look.i figured it would take some time to get the perfect look...?

Any suggestions on what kind of haircut to get??What tools should I be buying. Like what particular grease, brush and like du rag should i get??

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    Shampoo: Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo

    Moisturizer: Cold Label Wave & Scalp Butter or Sweet Jamila

    Brush: Diane 8119 (medium) Diane 8159 (Hard) CQP Medium

    First and foremost brushing will get you 360 waves not products. You will need some brushes (soft,med,hard) there are 3 popular wave brushes (OG Diane, Annie, Crown Quality), a durag (any durag), and a moisturizer later on (optional). I prefer the OG Diane they're no longer being made and sold on EBay. Start off with a low cut No. 1 or 1.5 with the grain (WTG) Once you start you need to always wear your durag when you sleep. Brush, brush, brush that's what you will need to do to get waves. Whenever you're free brush, not in public though because that's weird. When the soft brush is no longer moving your hair switch to the medium same as when the medium switch to hard. When you wash your hair brush in the shampoo. Do this for 8 weeks then get a cut ask for a #3 WTG. Go another 8 weeks of doing the same process and then get it cut with a #2 WTG or 1.5 WTG. It takes a total 16 weeks do get deep waves. Avoid Sulphate shampoos, petroleum, mineral oil and all that other crap.

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    Sweet Jamila Wave Grease

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