BBUS: do you think Derrick plays the viewers too much?

there are a lot of ways Derrick tries to trick viewers... like, Thursdays episode he said he wanted to evict Nicole because "she's smart". But he knows Nicole was the underdog, etc... and he knows viewers like the underdog. So he gave her a compliment as she left, to not make viewers think he was picking on poor defenseless Nicole. But rather, make her look like a good player, and she was a threat. Such a lie, Nicole isn't smart player.

And when he said he didn't want to evict Donny cuz he's loal to "Team America", as if he all about America. Cuz he knows viewers like house guests that are nice to America.

I think he tries too sly to dodge bullets even from viewers

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  • 5 years ago
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    Derrick is playing everyone in the house.

    Most people see what he is doing.

    He wanted to keep Victoria because she does not win and she votes as he tells her. So, he hinted to Caleb Victoria might be better to keep saying things like how good Nicole is. Caleb got the idea to go to Christine. He convinced Caleb he was not in the room.

    He is very good, Dan good.

    He had Victoria saying sorry when he was in the wrong.

    I do not think he is playing America, I think he is playing the house. He is very good at this.

    I am hoping Victoria and Christine wake up and vote at Cody this week. The will do what Derrick want and vote out the other person.

  • 5 years ago

    No he's just playing the best game and everyone else is oblivious

    If they don't get him out very very soon he will win. At this point he deserves to win.He's playing the best game.

    Derrick is just being nice to Nicole since she's on the jury and he wants jury votes. Nobody else seems to be thinking of jury votes

    The reason why Derrick wanted Nicole out was he didn't want Christine/Nicole teaming up again and getting Victoria with them and he wanted to separate Donny and her. And then he had a feeling someone could could back and he knew if Hayden came back that could be trouble for him. He could of had Christine/Nicole/Hayden/Donny all coming after him

    I do agree about TA though. But Donny isn't loyal to TA also he's after Derrick so he's not the only one.

    Derrick is playing a game like Dr Will/Dan he is the puppet master behind every eviction so far.

    I honestly don't think he really cares what viewers think of him. He's just playing game.

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