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May Someone Explain the Islam Situation as of August 17, 2014?

I understand the important chunks. Muslim extremists are killing Christians/other religions.

There are some parts that I don't underdstand--I read that Muslims have "taken on" Europe already. Does this mean they're trying to take over Europe? Are they in a war?

I already know that there's a war going on, but Europe is involved now? This sounds like the start of WW3.

Could someone explain a little bit? Are Americans and Christians in danger? Thanks.

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    IS (formerly ISIS) is group of militant Sunni Muslims who have been encouraged by the lack of any action on the part of International Community in Syria and now think that, having had some success there they can now profit from the situation in Iraq, where the (now former) Prime Minister, a Shia Muslim who increasingly refused to engage the minorities in Iraq ingoverning the country.

    The Kurds, who gained a certain amount of autonomy in the country after the fall of Saddam and who are also in the majority Sunni Muslims have been the most effective in fighting IS and have also given shelter and aid to both Christians and the Yezidi. IS has and is committing all kinds of atrocities, particularly against the Yezidi, including beheadings and rape.

    The US finally decided to send humanitarian aid to Sinjar Mountain where thousands of Yezidi were stranded without food or water. US observers were surpised that there were not as many on the mountain as first thought. This was because Kurdish fighters from Syria had managed to fight for an escape route and rescued many of the stranded. These people were fed, received necessary medical help and most were then returned to the Kurdish area of northern Iraq using a pontoon bridge over the Tigris river.

    France and the UK have now decided to supply arms to the Kurdish forces (peshmerga) who appear to be the only effective fighting force in Iraq at the present.

    Yezids are Kurdish people who follow an ancient religion unrelated to Islam.

    It probably won't escalate beyond the region, but there is a great deal of suffering in the area.

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    Those who follow the koran and the teachings of Muhammad 100% believe the world belongs to them and will do what it takes to see it become theirs.

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    They are not muslims, Islam is innoncent of them.

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