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Which spelling is better: Reese, Reece or Rhys?

1. Which spelling is better? (I can't decide between Reece and Rhys. Reese reminds me of the peanut butter cups.)

2. WDYT of the name? (Just how it sounds, not how it looks.)

3. Which spelling is best for a girl? For a boy?

BQ: 4. What middle names go well with this name? (Girl and boy)

5. Do you like the name (How it sounds) better for a girl or boy?

*Will consider best answer to people who answer BQ also*

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    1. Rhys.

    2. I like it :)

    3. Rhys for a boy, Reese for a girl.

    4. Boys: Aiden, Alexander, Andrew, Anthony, Arthur, Bennett, Blake, Brody, Bryan, Cade, Caleb, Callum, Camden, Charles, Dallas, Daniel, David, Dean, Drew, Dylan, Edmund, Edward, Eli, Elijah, Elliott, Emerson, Everett, Felix, Frederick, Gerard, Henry, Heron, Holden, Hunter, Ian, Jack, Jacob, James, Joshua, Justin, Lachlan, Lee, Leon, Levi, Luca, Lucas, Madden, Marshall, Matthew, Matthias, Maximillian, Michael, Mitchell, Morgan, Nathan, Nathaniel, Niall, Nicholas, Noah, Nolan, Oliver, Owen, Preston, Raphael, Raymond, Reid, Riley, Rowan, Ryan, Sage, Samson, Samuel, Scott, Sebastian, Sheridan, Silas, Spencer, Sullivan, Theodore, Thomas, Timothy, Tyler, William, Wyatt, Xavier, Zachary.

    Girls: Addisen, Alexa, Alexandria, Alexis, Amber, Amelia, Anita, Annalee, Ashley, Brynn, Carlie, Carmen, Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Claire, Clara, Cleo, Danielle, Darcie, Diana, Eden, Elaine, Eliana, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emily, Emma, Erin, Esme, Evelyn, Fawn, Felicity, Francis, Haven, Hope, Isabella, Isabelle, Jordan, Juliette, Kay, Kennedie, Kylie, Lauren, Leanne, Leigh, Leila, Louise, Mackenzie, Madeleine, Madisen, Margaret, Maria, Marie, Marissa, Melissa, Natalie, Nicole, Olivia, Paige, Rebecca, Robyn, Samantha, Savannah, Selena, Serena, Sophia, Victoria, Willow, Zara.

    5. I like it better for a boy, although when paired with a nice middle name, it can be very classy for a girl too.

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      I think I like the name better for a girl in general because it sounds softer to me not masculine.

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  • Cami
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    6 years ago

    1. My favorite spelling is Reece

    2. It's not my favorite name, but on the right person, I think it could be really cute (like Reese Witherspoon). It's unique, but not too uncommon where the child would be embarrassed to have it. Basically, while I wouldn't use it, I still think it's a decent name that I wouldn't discourage anyone from using

    3. For a girl, I prefer Reece. For a boy, I only like Rhys

    BQ: 4. Girls: Reece Caroline, Reece Anastasia, Reece Michelle, Reece Noelle, Reece Isabella

    Boys: Rhys Alexander, Rhys Benjamin, Rhys William, Rhys Mitchell, Rhys Zachariah

    5. I prefer the name for a boy. For the most part, I only like unisex names on boys (Madison, Mackenzie, Addison, Riley, etc.) because I prefer more feminine names for girls

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    - Reese: 5/10 I don't particularly like how this looks compared to the other two, it's ok.

    - Reece: 8/10 This looks better.

    - Rhys: 10/10 I prefer this spelling a lot more. What with this being spelt the Irish way, perhaps I'm more inclined to say that as I am in fact part Irish. Either way, I prefer this.

    2. They all sound the same as they are the same name.

    3. None of them suit a girl, Reese/Reece/Rhys is a boys' name.

    4. I quite like it, simply down to the fact that it's a timeless name and never gets old.


    - Jacob

    - Michael

    - Connor

    - Cameron

    - Jake

    - Elliott

    - Edward

    - Henry

    - Harrison/Harry

    - William

    - George

    - Charles

    - Christopher

    - Christian

    5. In my opinion it's a boys' name so I will obviously say that it's better for a boy.

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  • Snid
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    6 years ago

    Reese for a girl. Rhys or Reece for a boy.

    2. It's fine. It's not one of my favorites though i do love Reese Witherspoon.

    Reese Janelle

    Reese Diane

    Reese Maureen

    Reese Katherine

    Reece David

    Reece Keith

    Reece Gavin

    Rhys Robert

    Rhys David

    Rhys Frederick

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  • T
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    6 years ago

    1. I think the spelling depends on whether you're naming a boy or a girl. I'd use Rhys for a boy and Reese for a girl. I'm not fond of the Reece spelling...I'm not sure why. Something about the "c" bothers me. However, if you don't like to be reminded of the Reese's peanut butter cups, I'd use Reece for a girl.

    2. I love the name! I think it's fun and cute.

    3. I inadvertently answered that in number one. haha But to repeat: Reese or Reece for a girl, Rhys for a boy.


    4. Middle names for a girl...

    Reese/Reece Katherine

    Reese/Reece Cassandra

    Reese/Reece Marilyn

    Reese/Reece Diane

    Reese/Reece Michelle

    Reese/Reece Eileen

    Middle names for a boy...

    Rhys Oliver

    Rhys Evan

    Rhys Levi

    Rhys James

    Rhys Isaac

    Rhys Phillip

    5. I have a really tough time deciding...I truthfully like it for both, but if you're looking to narrow it down to one gender, I think I slightly prefer it for a boy.

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  • 6 years ago

    I love the name. I think it is pretty and not too common. I like the fact that it sounds modern. I prefer the spelling Reese for a girl. I prefer the spelling Rhys for a boy. I like it best on a girl. It sounds soft and sweet which I picture more on a girl. I think of Reese Witherspoon. I have met a few girls with the name, but I have never met a boy with the name. It is significantly more common for girls.


    Reese Octavia

    Reese Olivia

    Reese Francesca

    Reese Jennifer

    Reese Stephanie

    Reese Kimberly

    Reese Tiffany

    Reese Epiphany

    Reese Savannah

    Reese Brianna

    Reese Lydia


    Rhys Zayden

    Rhys Alexander

    Rhys Sylvester

    Rhys William

    Rhys Benjamin

    Rhys Jeremiah

    Rhys Christopher

    Rhys Tanner

    Rhys Xavier

    Rhys Mathew

    Rhys Nathaniel

    Rhys Isaac

    Rhys Mitchell

    Rhys Elliot

    Rhys Hunter

    Rhys Jackson

    Rhys Owen

    Rhys Maxwell

    Rhys Jameson

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  • Hailey
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    6 years ago

    1. Rhys is the proper, and best spelling.

    2. I quite like it! It's not overly common, and that's a bonus.

    3. Rhys is the only acceptable spelling, and it's only acceptable for a boy.

    4. Because it's a monosyllabic name, I generally find that it's better suited as a middle name, but I'd say Rhys Oliver or Rhys Theodore sound good.

    5. It is only ever acceptable as a boy's name, because it *is* a boys name.

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  • 6 years ago

    1. I like Reese best, but if it reminds you too much of a peanut butter cup, then Reece

    2. I love how it sounds

    3. I like Reece for a girl and Rhys for a boy

    4. I like the name better for a girl personally



    Reece Adalyn

    *Reece Antoinette

    Reece Isabella

    Reece Ember

    Reece Madelyn


    Rhys Jameson

    Rhys Caleb

    *Rhys Alexander

    Rhys Benson

    *my favorites

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  • 6 years ago

    1. The only good spelling is Rhys. It's the original, most handsome, most mature spelling. The others are just forced phonetic and childish.

    2. I like it. It's handsome yet also simple, and will age well.

    3. Rhys is a masculine name, and a masculine name only.

    4. Rhys Avery, Rhys Dorian, Rhys Owen, Rhys Emery, Rhys William, Rhys Ivan, Rhys Tyler, Rhys Taylor, Rhys Oliver, Rhys Patrick...

    5. Like I said, it's a purely masculine name.

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      What's wrong with it being phonetic? It's not like it's spelt all crazy or anything.

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  • 6 years ago

    1) Reece

    2) It's quite a nice name. :)

    3) Reece for a boy, Reese for a girl

    4) Girl: Reese Aniston

    Boy: Reece Michael

    5) I like the name best for a girl.

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