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On Call of duty Ghost, what's the best class for...?

I am mostly interested in these specific classes:

- Quickscoping

- Rushing

- Corner Camping

- Heartscoping

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    Quickscoping: QuickDraw,focus, maybe incog or off the grid and dead silence I leave a slot open for throwing knives but if not use ready up u may have another slot open

    Rushing: using a SMG I hope ready up marathon or agility slight of hand focus dead silence and amplify only ifvu have a headset

    Corner camping : lmg with tracker sight either grip or extended mags ready up , extra tactical trophy system extra lethal , focus and hardline, use low kill streaks dogs, sentry gun and battle hind

    Hardscoping : just kinda tweak the quick scoping one most definitely use incog tho

  • 6 years ago

    For rushing I use a the vector submachine gun with a red dot sight. My perks are marathon,ready up,and overkill(the perk that allows for 2 primary weapons) and for my secondary I have a riot shield with titanium frame. I also have a regular grenade and a smoke grenade.

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