What would you do if a neighbor who shows you no basic respect kept trespassing and acted like YOU were in the wrong?

I have a neighbor who misuses his property and, as a result, if often trespassing on mine. I would not mind, if it were limited to the typical neighbor stuff, his property was not such a mess, and he showed some respect when I caught him at it. Instead, this person does nothing to maintain his property, and, if I day say anything to him, or the person(s) he is with at the time, I get attitude like I am in the wrong, nuts, a pest.

I recently had a big blow out with one of this guy's adult sons, and told him that that was it, they are barred from my property, and I will call the police the next time they trespass. I have also looked into getting restraining orders.

This situation is so absurd that I just have to ask. Am I in the wrong here???


One thing to add RE this: this particular family is notorious in the neighborhood. And I have spoken to a community liaison officer at the police department. This is more than trespassing, it is more like orchestrated, calculate harassment. I have been assured that an officer will respond, though maybe not immediately.

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    You won't get a restraining order for this (because you don't need one). Trespassing is already illegal.

    Try putting up a fence. A mean dog would help too. Unless you live in a small town, the police are not going to respond in a hurry when you tell them that your neighbor is walking across your yard without permission.

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    I would suggest land mines.

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