How to get thick waves?

I'm black with thick coarse hair & I want waves. can someone send a link or pictures or tell me how ? And how long does it take cause school is in a week or two

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  • 6 years ago
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    There's a whole guide to 360 waves at

    But here are the basics. It's all about brushing your hair the right way. Here's a pic too.

    1) brush the top forward

    2) brush the sides down on an angle toward your cheeks

    3) brush the back down

    You should do it at least 15 min at a time, a few times a day. the more you brush the better. You won't have amazing waves in a week, but you should start to at least feel them forming.

    some good products to start are wavebuilder Brush in Waves training lotion and then when your hair is longer, Deep Wave pomade.

    Wear a durag or wave cap to lock in your progress.

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    Source(s): wavebuilder's guide to 360 waves
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