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What should i do if I am really scared of the squall with no face photo?(search squall is dead and it will have it)PLEASE HELP ME

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    I have search for "Squall is dead" .Honestly it is not so terrible , but for sure it will not make you fell comfortable , or we can say it is creepy.

    I think the main reasons that the "Squall is dead" scare you are :

    1) A normal living things or a human face should have , eyes , nose , ears , etc. However , "Squall is dead" is just a hole. It is totally different from what we see and what we learn in a normal and ordinary life.

    2) AS i mention before , it is just a black hole. A black hole with nothing on it , can be consider as a "unknown" , at the same time , "unknown" is one main factor of fear.

    As if you has seen that picture and scared , you should avoid look or watch those kind of creepy picture in different way.

    Scare can be cause by different things, such as sound , image , odor , texture . You should find out the reason why you are scared by them.

    Source(s): My previous expreience
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