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Environmental engineers, where do you work?

Any other information would be great. Ex did you go to a community college for your basic credits before you went to a bigger school with an accredited environmental engineering program? What's your salary? And do you enjoy what you do?

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  • C7S
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    7 years ago
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    I studied Industrial Engineering, but I have a Tri-role in my company. One of my roles is being the environmental engineer. Another is chemical engineer. And my third role is Process engineer.

    As the environmental engineer working in a manufacturing facility, I am tasked with the documentation of chemicals, waste management and recycling, the environmental team, energy efficiency projects, reducing usage of chemicals that harm the environment, and more. Our site is a superfund site with contaminated ground water. As the environmental engineer, I am also tasked with the maintenance and monthly sampling of ground water. I have to report the pH and contamination levels to the EPA on a monthly and quartlery basis.

    Lastly, as the environmental engineer, I am responsible for maintaining an ISO 14001 standard, which includes maintaining compliance for annual internal and external environmental audits so that we are not fined a fee.

    The pay is comfortable. Half of the job is interesting and enjoyable. Half of it is boring.(the half related to the ground water remediation system and monthly reporting)

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