laptop strange game performance?

So my laptop is strange I'm unable to play games with low, settings I get jumpy framerates but if I bump up the settings to high or ultra I get stable 50-60 fps gameplay. Anyone know why this happens?

Specs lenovo y510p laptop, i5 processor, 6 gb ram, duel nvidia 750 graphic cards with 2 gb of vram each

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    7 years ago
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    "The NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M SLI is a high-end DirectX 11-compatible graphics solution for laptops, consisting of two GeForce GT 750M. Each card has a 28nm GK107 core based on the Kepler architecture. With SLI, each card usually renders a single frame (AFR mode). Therefore, it may suffer from micro stuttering in low fps ranges of 30fps. This happens because of different timespans between two frames (e.g., irregular delays between sequential frames)." (from notebookcheck)

    Change from SLI to one GPU. You can change it back when you need to.

    You can turn off SLI in the nVidia Control Panel.

    This will allow better rendering at lower frame rates and save power.

    You can probably set the second GPU for PhysX, see if that helps.

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    If you don't have vsync on then it's possible that your laptop is actually "too" powerful for a lot of the games, trying to render them at absurdly high framerates which will confuse the computer and start giving you incorrect frames. If you're running it at a lower setting, turn vsync on and see if it stabilizes. If still no, then I can't really say I'm entirely sure.

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