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Is there such a German expression that sounds similar to "Üch ach"?

I just suddenly thought of a recent expression my family used to use while reminiscing my recently deceased father... A German family member would use something like "Üch ach", usually drawn out and sounds like "ooooooh'k-ahhhhh'k", which my dad adopted the word and typically uses it when someone is nagging you, e.g.:

Grandma: "It's gonna be cold outside, don't forget your jacket!"

Dad: "Üch ach, I have one in the car!"

I tried asking the few friends I have that speak German and none of them heard of it, not to mention the originator of this phrase has passed away many years ago himself.

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  • Thomas
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    6 years ago
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    "Üch ach" or "Üch ooch" is North German slang for "Ich auch" (Me too, myself too). "Üch aach" is more "flat German" from the Hamburg region, "Üch ooch" is from Berlin (my father was from Berlin. He only said: Üch ooch). Where I come from (South), they say: "I au", pronounced: "Eyyyyieh owe"

    Source(s): Native German (South)
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  • 6 years ago

    "Ach" by itself serves as what you're describing in that context, but I've never heard of anything like "Üch ach" either.

    • edwardw8186 years agoReport

      Well, I've learned *some* German so I kinda get the context, but then again the expression itself is more or less phonetic.

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  • 6 years ago

    Wow, wasn't expecting anybody to know! Thank you!

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