Should I buy an iPhone 6 from Apple directly when it comes out?

So, I live in Europe. I want to buy the best iPhone 6 as soon as it comes out. By "best" I mean I want the most GB, the best screen, the biggest size. This is what I understand by best anyway, but other people have different opinions, so please don't start an argument, I respect your opinion, please respect mine :)

Anyway, I would like to know what the expected price will be for an unlocked iPhone with the stuff I like (biggest size, biggest screen etc). IMPORTANT!!! Not for an iPhone with a carrier plan, but an UNLOCKED iphone. I'm too lazy to look through all the rumours to find out what the expected price will be. (I know it's impossible to know for sure or anything, I'm just wondering about the expected price).

Also, my MAIN concern is, should I order it from (and have some friend who lives in a country which supports delivery from apple get it to me) or should I get it locally? Because local sellers are known to add way too much over the prices that apple has. Why shouldn't I just get it from Apple then?

Thank you in advance for all the information ^^


ACTUALLY what I am saying is that there IS an advantage... For example, when the iPhone 5S first came out, I remember that local sellers offering it at much higher prices than the apple website... There was at least an 100$ difference which had me shocked back then and led me to believe that there must be some difference. This is why I am asking, since I am no expert and I don't want to make any mistakes (it isn't a cheap phone either so if it doesn't work for me I'll be f***ed)

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  • 5 years ago
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    If you want one right as they come out, then it's best to order direct from Apple to prevent the initial surge of price gouging because of short supplies. That way you can order it unlocked and take to the carrier you like. Best luck.

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    5 years ago

    Well most reports state the bigger 5.5" model would come later in the year than the 4.7" model. Some more recent reports have stated that the bigger model would have some advantages over the 4.7" one, but most have stated the only difference would be the size of the display. Also the 5.5" is expected to come with $100 extra cost vs the 4.7" so for example as Apple sells 3 sizes of iPhones now at $199, 299, 399 then 5.5" would be $299, 399, 499.

    Anyway buying from Apple vs somewhere else doesn't really make a difference. Same result either way. Only difference being that you could buy it unlocked from Apple only.

  • 5 years ago

    It makes no difference as long as it will work with your carrier. There is nothing magic or special about buying directly from Apple, nor is there a price advantage.

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