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Is Adventure Time any good?

One of my favorite shows is Regular Show. I was wondering if Adventure Time is any good, and should I bother watching it?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    I think you should. Adventure time is in my top 5 favorite shows. Its not really addressed but it's hinted that the show is post-apocalyptic and Finn is the last living human. He goes through adventures with Jake, and tries to defeat the ice king, mostly in the first season. They then warm up to him. They also have many other characters with their own story, such as Marceline, a vampire, who was a kid when everything went bad, and Simon (the ice king before he was evil-ish) takes her under his wing and cares for her. And he had a crown that would turn him evil when he wore it. When caring for Marceline, he would fight off enemies by wearing the crown to make him stronger, but he'd take it off just in time to still take care of Marceline. One time he wore it too long and never took it off. He still wears the crown now, without taking it off, but even if you take it off, the crazy/evil is in him now, so it wouldn't even matter. He now forgot he used to take care of Marceline. And that's just one story. But Adventure Time is kinda one of those shows you have to watch from the beginning, unlike Regular Show, also it's more actiony than Regular Show. But I think both are great.

  • 7 years ago

    Great answer! Thank you:)

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