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Why South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Dakota so dead?

When i google the roads on Great Plains there's nothing but rolling hills and grass nothing else. Why won't the government build some houses there but not were indian reservations are. They need to expand some cities for Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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    The US gov't does not build cities any more (not after WWII) Economic conditions have to be right for a city to grow. That is why some North Dakota cities are growing quickly now for the first time in many decades... the petroleum industry is there now. As for SD and NE, nothing much exciting is happening there yet, so if the gov't built houses there, most of them would be unoccupied because people could not make a living there. Have a look at this map that clearly shows population decline in many if not most of the counties in the Great Plains states.

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    The government doesn't build houses just so cities can expand. Private companies build houses in areas where they think people will want to buy. Cities and counties can zone land for Residences if they want, but they don't do the building.

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    A) House building is not government, but rather capitalist

    B) Jobs need to be near housing

    C) All utilities need to be built first (irrigation, electricity, gas, etc.)

    D) They need to expand some because...?

    E) Don't forget schools and grocery stores!

    F) I am done... you get the idea

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