BBUS: What happen for Frankie and Derrick want to keep Donnie? Who will be put up today Nicole or Victoria?

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  • 5 years ago
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    They wanted to get Christine to put up Nicole and told Christine Nicole said she would put up Christine if Frankie won Veto and she believed them

    She's dumb and will be gone soon. She must really believe she will survive against 5 guys

    Derrick and Cody approved.

    Donny is all talk really. He hasn't done much to make any deals or try to get people to take out Derrick/Cody. I wouldn't be shocked if he targeted Frankie instead. He might think Derrick saved him.

    Even if Donny tried to get Derrick out would he really have the votes i kind of doubt it unless he was against Cody. Everyone still trusts him.

    I think Derrick's reasoning was he wanted to split up Nicole/Christine and Nicole/Donny and knows Donny will be alone once Nicole leaves and Christine will be in the back pocket of Cody like Derrick has Victoria.

    Donny will go next week if he doesn't win one of HOH/BOB/Veto

    I still think this is Derrick's game to win unless people try to get him out(Unlikely though) or Hayden comes back(But unless Hayden won an HOH he would get knocked out within that week or the week after)

    • ♥Rachel♥
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      Doesn't matter Donny is gone next week if he doesn't win one of the competitions.
      They don't care about TA anymore.

      If Derrick/Cody didn't agree to Nicole going up it would of been Donny going but Derrick wants to Separate Nicole from Christine and Donny and not Victoria going along with the girls

  • 5 years ago

    Victoria will be put up. Frankie needs to go.

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