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Ok so on Thursday August 7th I lost my virginity and I didn't use a condom. But, he pulled out. I usually get my period every 22-27days.?

Is there a chance that I can get pregnant? If I get my period and it's normal period then am I ok? Is the risk low of me getting pregnant. I really need to know..

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    Risk is average. It only takes one sperm to get you pregnant and that could come from pre ***. Pull out method doesnt work. If you get your period there will be no need to worry. If you dont you ll need to test to find out. If you dont want children dont take the risk again and use contraception. Good luck

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    There's always a chance of getting pregnant, but from all I've read there is only 3 days a month that you are more likely to get pregnant and I believe that is when you are fertile/ovulating. However sperm can live inside of you for 3-5 days. If he pulled out and c** then the chances are low but there is still pre-c** that has sperm in it. It's a 50/50 that you are pregnant. If you miss your period then take a test, but otherwise if you aren't pregnant use a condom at least next time if you don't want a baby! Good luck dear!(:

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