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Does everyone have uneven boobs?

My boobs look so uneven to me. In the mirror they look perfectly symmetrical but if I take a picture they look completely different - one looks a lot smaller than the other yet the nipple is much bigger. However to touch they feel perfectly nice and normal and even. I feel so paranoid to show any guy because although they look good to me in the mirror, they must look horribly uneven to anyone else. So I'm just wondering, is this normal? And could the camera lense slightly distort them because it's so close when the pictures taken? And what would a guy think??

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  • 7 years ago

    yes=that is Normal

    "MOST women's breasts are not totally symmetrical (don't judge by the models and actresses in the media since they have had theirs fixed, pushed up, padded and everything else).

    Usually, one breast is slightly larger or smaller, higher or lower, or shaped differently than the other.

    It is kind of a similar situation to men's testes: usually the left one hangs lower than the other."

  • 7 years ago

    Yes every woman does. Same with eyelashes.

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