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雅婷 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 6 years ago



























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  • 6 years ago
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    King: I'm the smartest king, the entire kingdom of people mad at me! Wow! Winter, cold, I need a coat with my face with a quick command school tailors do a coat!

    Minister: Yes, the king. Kings need a handsome coat, do not fast

    Palace Conference A: We will make a warm coat with fur

    Palace Conference B: assured to us!

    Palace Conference A: Haha, finally completed

    Palace Conference B: It is perfect, hurry to the king

    Palace cut AB: King, which we do for you new coat

    King: Come ...

    Palace cut AB: handsome ~

    King: It does not take me in the face, dragged out and beheaded!

    Palace cut AB: ah ~

    Minister: Please appease the king, I will help find a master of the King

    Palace CD C: Please give me three days, and I will make the world's most innovative clothes!

    Minister: What are you sew? Why do I not see you sew clothes?

    Palace CD C: This is the only guy able to see, I believe that the king must see

    King: How to progress?

    Minister: Very good

    Palace CD C: King I do, this is the only intelligent person can see the clothes

    King: Oh I see, come and help me put on, I want to give the whole kingdom who see!

    Passers-by: wow ~ how handsome king ah

    Children: Haha yeah ~ king has no clothes

    His father: Shut up!

    Children: But ... is really wearing it

    King: Oh ~ no ~

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  • 6 years ago

    King: I am the wisest King, the Kingdom of the people mad at me! Wow! Winter is coming, it's cold, I need a face to match with me coat, tailors in quick order schools to do one coat!

    Minister: Yes, the King. King needs a cool coat, don't do

    Cut a: we will make warm fur coat

    CD b: rest assured to us now!

    Cut a: haha, finally finished

    CD b: it is too perfect, as soon as possible to the King

    CD AB King, this is what we do for you new coat

    The King: come on ...

    CD AB: so handsome ~

    King: it doesn't match my face, dragged out and beheaded!

    CD AB: Ah ~

    Minister: ask the King to temper, I will help the King looking for a expert

    CD c: Please give me three days time, I will make the most innovation in the world of clothes!

    Minister: what are you sewing? Why do I not see you sew clothes?

    CD c: this is the only guy to see, I believe he must be seen

    King: what progress?

    Minister: very good

    CD c: the King I have, it's only smart people can see clothes

    King: Oh I see, come help me put on, I want to look at all over the Kingdom of man!

    Man: Wow what a handsome King

    Kids: haha ~ the King has no clothes Yes

    His Dad: shut up!

    Child: but ... Is really no wear

    King: Oh no no,

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