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Suggestions are welcome (:?

My fiance and I are not planning on having a baby until after we are married and I am done with college. But, we love to get good ideas of names we like. Plus, it's fun to think about(:

He likes completely different names than what I do, and it's killing me!

Our first choice for a girl was Sophia Mae. (Mae is for his Grandmother) I'm just not liking it anymore. Last name is Phillips and I feel like the "ph" in Sophia sounds funny followed by the "ph" in Phillips.

Other choices for girls names were:

-Lillian Mae

- Emersyn Mae (he doesn't like it, but i think it's cute!)

- Evelyn Mae

- Raelyn(n) Mae

- Rylin (not sure if I like it. Boy or girl, really) Fiance's name is Ryan so its wayy too similar?

Boy names we have found it SO difficult to come up with anything. Everything I love, he hates. So some of these are just to see what people think(: MIDDLE NAMES EITHER ALLEN OR MACE OR LEE, AFTER FAMILY MEMBERS.

Boys names:

- Wesley Mace (My number one choice!)

- Bentley Allen (Bentley is just too bleh for me, but he loves it)

- Jaxon Lee

- Macen Allen

- Owen Mace OR Owen Lee

- Oliver Lee

- Noah Allen

Please give opinions, suggestions, anything!

Please note though, we like names that are a little different, but not outrageous! Cute names for babies, but also great names for when they grow up. I love names that you can have a nickname for when they are younger. Like, Lillian. As a child she may be called Lilly, but when she gets older she can be called Lillian. (:


Oh! And Harper Mae for a girl too!

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    My kind of girl! I'm in high school and I like to dream about baby names. But I don't want to have kids until I settle down with the right guy. Anyway, here we go.

    Charlotte Elise

    Emily Grace

    Camille Christine

    Mackenzie Grace (LOVE THIS!!)

    Mina Paige

    Nina Odettte

    Colette Francesca

    Denise Michelle

    Jasmine Marie

    Jessica Gabrielle

    Elizabeth Clarissa

    Janelle Catherina

    Ryder Faith

    Katie Marisella

    Sarah Olivia

    Olivia Jade

    Hannah Quinn

    Brianna Marie

    Abigail "Abby" Hope

    Christina May

    Lauren Elisabeth

    Alexa Mae

    Madelyn Elle

    Grace Naomi

    Kendall Marie

    Aubrey Faith

    Zoey Christina

    Naomi Elise

    Annie Louise

    Madison Blaire

    Tiffany Ann

    Gabriella Rose

    Riley Marie

    Isabella Jane

    Kylie Reese

    Makayla Candace

    Annika Paige

    Lucy Maria

    Ellie Christine

    Madelyn Paige

    Peyton Hope

    Trinity Grace

    Ava Ann

    Harper Kaitlyn

    Molly Grace

    Kennedy Faith

    Sadie Anne

    Yasmin Renee

    Now the thing I absolutely positively hate is trend names. Respelling is bad. Unless it's a name that can be spelled multiple ways, such as Katie (Katy, Catie) or Gabby (Gabbi,) don't do it! No extra es or Is unless is actually has that (Caylee.) Your child is not gonna be a baby forever. Make sure it's a name they won't be embarrassed by 20 years from now. Now for le boys!

    Owen Mace

    Grayson Lee

    Braiden Allen

    Adam Lee

    Nathan Mace

    Nate Allen

    Liam Allen

    Alexander Mace

    Jackson Allen

    Jasper Lee

    Elijah Mace

    Hunter Mace

    Gunner Allen

    Ryan Lee

    Christopher Mace

    Weston Allen

    Kyle Lee

    Martin Allen

    Ethan Lee

    Aiden Mace

    Jonathan Mace

    Landon Allen

    Lucas Allen

    Daniel Lee

    Colton Lee

    Eli Allen

    Asher Mace

    Cooper Lee

    Wyatt Mace

    Austin Lee

    Lincoln Mace

    Cody Allen

    Isaac Allen

    Samuel Allen

    David Mace

    Logan Allen

    Oliver Lee

    Thomas Allen

    Zachary Mace

    Jason Allen

    Easton Allen

    Mason Lee

    Theodore Mace

    Gavin Allen

    Derek Mace

    Preston Allen

    I hope these work well!! Did I add enough stuff that could be made into cute nicknames?

    Opinions on girls names: In case I haven't voiced my hatred for trend names, let me say it again. Seriously. I think the only one I like is Evelyn and I definitely adore Sophia. I know they all sound cute and pretty and unique now, but just don't go for it.

    Opinions on boys name: wahoo! Thank you for having those family names. My middle name belongs to my mother (Christine.) I think their all good! Remember! Don't fall into the trap of fad names with boys either.

    I hope I helped. :D

    Source(s): Harper is good! Very cute!
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    My favorites were Sophia and Emersyn for girls (I said it several times and don't think it sounds bad). Boys I like Oliver. My kids are Billie Sue my girl and Elijah Adam our boy. We can never agree either so for our next we have already started too lol. For our next our tops are Jerica and Jaden. Good luck :)

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    My favourite girl's name has to be Meredith, nicknamed Merry, and my favourite boy's name is Francis, nicknamed Frankie. Names you could use:


    - Theodore (Teddy, Theo)

    - Franklin (Frank, Frankie)

    - Samuel (Sam, Sammy)

    - Maxwell (Max, Maxie)

    - Timothy (Tim, Timmy)


    - Jocelyn (Jo, Jocie)

    - Cassandra (Cas, Cassie)

    - Victoria (Vic, Vicky)

    - Monique (Moni)

    - Harriet (Harry)

    Source(s): My Brain
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