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Sophia asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 6 years ago

How can I punish my older sister for forgetting to buy me nail glue from the store?


She is 25, I am 14. I asked her to buy me nail glue and she forgot. She is really nice usually and she just painted my portrait. She just now asked me to get her laundry from the laundry room because she's afraid of roaches being in there. Do you think I should punish her by not getting the laundry because she forgot the nail glue?


i really needed it so i can wear fake nails to school tomorrow and look cute.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    No. Instead, be a little more kind, grateful and considerate to your family and stop being so stuck up

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  • 6 years ago

    Who do you think you are to punish anyone,the princess of the world?

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