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Building an SBR without tax stamp?

I want to build a new AR from the ground up, but I don't want it registered. And no I don't plan on killing anyone with it, it just seems like a nice idea to me. So if you take an 80% lower, did the machine work to build a AR receiver, and assembled the rifle, would you still have to pay the tax stamp to make it an SBR. And by the way it is legal to build a rifle without the serial numbers.

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    First you would have to get approval in writing, then apply for a tax stamp, and then you can construct your SBR. Failing to do so is a felony.

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    Hold on a minute here, there is a solid loophole. Ever hear of a sig sauer arm brace? It attatches to a buffer tube on an ar pistol. Giving your pistol a buttstock without making it an sbr. If your ar is longer than 26" after that, you can attatch a vertical foregrip on it without turning it into an AOW, but a firearm, which is perfectly legal.

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    "I don't plan on killing anyone with it" -- Said every mass murder, just before they went out and killed someone.

    Do not confuse the rules of building non-NFA firearms and NFA firearms. You still have to serialize and register the receiver (form 1) and get the tax stamp before you attach (or even own) an SBR upper.

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    building a 80% lower is a waste of time and money.....since u can buy a regular lower with a serial number for 50 bucks these days... as for SBR why?? short barrel really not as useful except for playing around.........if u want a short barrel without having to do tax stamp then build a pistol........and if you want get a sig brace ....they were on sale last week for $130 buy one get one free....

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    If your asking here you dont have the stuff to finish an 80% lower.

    Build all you want. Show it to a loudmouth who rats you out and go to prison.

    If you are the type to discuss it here, you will discuss it anywhere.

    Why own anything you cant use, show or talk about?

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    Your idea wouldn't work as it is still by law an SBR. And the ATF is well known to make up and change policy on the fly and enforce it as law.

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    Nice idea? No, there is federal law & breaking federal law.

    Stick to this "Old House" or Julia Child for do it your self projects. Omelets are easier than AR's to build.

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    Do what you want (responsibly) and keep quiet about it. We're not your parents.

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