Naruto new era project?

Based on some rumors I heard, Naruto shippuden might be on its last arc.

After reading a bit I came across a movie to be released at the end of this year ( Naruto: the last ) it stated that that movie is " the first entry in the Start of a New Era Project (新時代開幕プロジェクト Shinjidai Kaimaku Purojekkuto". Where the characters are young adults.

does this mean we are looking at a new series or a continuation of the show ? Or is the name just related to the movie ?

Any rumors or info on this ?

Thanks ^^

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  • 6 years ago
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    Your guess is as good as mine. We really don't have enough info about the movie or the Shinjidai Kaimaku Project yet, but according to many sources on the internet, Naruto the Movie: The Last is only the first installment of the Project. What this means, though, we can only speculate.

    The trailer for the movie also says that it will "connect with the next generation and go beyond the original work", whatever that's supposed to mean. Probably not another series featuring Naruto, but MAYBE a spinoff with Konohamaru as the main character or something. Who knows.

    Toho Extended Teaser Trailer (w/English subs):

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    It's probably just a movie sequel to the series showing what happened after they grew up, it's unlikely that it'll continue with a new series after its ending since it's already confirmed to end

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