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Since insects only do what they are supposed to do, but people love to sin, won't there be a majority of insects in Heaven?

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    Hmm... interesting that you specifically picked "insects". I don't know of homosexuality existing amongst insects... I would have to look that up. I'm sure that's why you chose insects instead of animals, since homosexuality also exists in other mammals.


    Ah, actually, there are insects that display homosexual behaviors too:

    Heh, I find it fitting that the COCKroach displays homosexuality too XD

    So, that means your god desgined them that way and wants them to be homosexual according to your logic.

    Of course, maybe you belong to one of those liberal Christian Churches that are okay with homosexuality. If that's the case, then what I said doesn't really make a difference to you. Carry on then if so.

    Oh, and, by the way, I don't love to sin. Don't generalize. Ever. Not even for the human race. I actually haven't sinned ever since I left Christianity. And I mean I have been living according to Christian laws better than I did when I was Christian.

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    And on a summer evening...

    I am doing everything within my power to send the little buggers there with all haste...



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    No only human beings go to heaven; there is no afterlife for lower beings.

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    6 years ago

    it stands to reason Atheists and Christ rejecters will see bugs rising as they're descending

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