music apps in Saudi Arabia?

My brother has been living in saudi arabia for the past few years and came home to report that there was not much westernized music there. Pandora and iheartradio does not work there. Please help us find a music app like pandora or iheartradio that would work over there. Thanks in advace.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Instead of an app, get him a decent mp3 player that has the ability to accept 4G and 8G cards. Load them up with stuff he likes - send then to him. That way, he is not at the whim of whatever they choose to allow or NOT allow over their airwaves. Just pack those loaded cards safely/hidden. I use a Creative ZEN so I can load up various cards with tons of stuff, label them, and am good to go, even in places that I travel to that I could not access all the stuff i have stashed in various cloud accounts. In the US, we are spoiled, and can get thing thru the air whenever; in other parts of the world ( and remote parts of the US) we only have what we PACK.

    So get a list from him of what he wants. Right now, with back-to-school sales, you can get compatible cards for mp3 players pretty cheap per G - so get some, so he can listen to what you load now, and then tell you what he wants in the future, etc. Good luck!

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    6 years ago

    Your brother could use a VPN, it encrypts all data and then he can access any website or service he wants, even Pandora or iheartradio. There are plenty of other good services out there with varying offerings. Take a look at this guide for an overview. Notice that a VPN encrypts all data, even inside apps (not just in your browser like a proxy does). Hope it helps!!! :)

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