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How to Repair Corrupt MS Word (Docx and Doc) Files?

I have a corrupted Word 2010 and 2013 file that I want to recover damaged Word file. I have tried several online freeware programs without success. I was unable to use the repair/recover feature in MS Word, issue with my computer finding the file on the network (using work computer). Any suggestions on a free Word Recovery Software?

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    We had some problems with the computer at work, it just didn't want to boot one day. So it was taken to a well known computer service company and we asked them to recover the documents from the hard drive as they are very important. After 2 weeks we got a memory stick from them with all the documents we had on the computer but none of them can be opened, a message keeps coming up saying that the file is damaged or corrupt. Some of them can be opened but they are empty.

    Recovery Toolbox for Word - demo versions that are available online will only helps you to evaluate the performance of the software, it wont provide the solution to recover the file. Have a look at this resource article to recover your corrupt doc file.

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    Recover Corrupted Word Document Online

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    There is a feature in Microsoft Word 2010 called Open and Repair. You have to open the corrupt file with this feature to repair it. Open and repair is a built-in feature of Microsoft Word 2010 and if it is not working properly, then you can download software programs from the Internet to fix problems in corrupt documents of Microsoft Word 2010.

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    Few days ago, my word gets corrupted and shown error like file cannot be opened. After then I searched online a lot and then I found word repair tool which resolves my all problems. You can also try this with its free demo version. But free demo version is only to evaluate the performance of the software. You should try this:

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    When a Word document file is corrupted, then you can try several methods to recover it:

    1. First of all, you can try the recovery function integrated with Microsoft Word, as follows:

    1) On the File menu, click Open.

    2) In the Look in list, click the drive, folder, or Internet location that contains the file that you want to open.

    3) In the folder list, locate and open the folder that contains the file.

    4) Select the file that you want to recover.

    5) Click the arrow next to the Open button, and then click Open and Repair.

    You may find more information about this at: (for Word 2003) (for Word 2007/2010/2013)

    2. If you have multiple corrupt Word documents, then you can use the VBA macro provided in article so that all the files will be opened in "Open and Repair" option automatically.

    3. There are also free tools from third-parties that can open and read Microsoft Word documents, for example,

    3.1 OpenOffice at This is a very famous open source project that is designed to support Office file formats, including Word documents. The software can run under Windows.

    3.2 LibreOffice at Another free office suite.

    3.3 AbiWord at This is a cross-platform tool that works under Unix and Windows.

    3.4 Google Drive at also support to load Word document files.

    Sometimes when Word fails to open your document, these tools may be able to open it successfully. If that is the case, then after the document is opened, you can just save it as a new document which will be error-free.

    4. For docx files, they are actually a group of files compressed in Zip file format. Therefore, sometimes, if the corruption is only caused by the Zip file, then you can use Zip repair tools such as WinRAR at to repair the file, as follows:

    4.1 Assuming the corrupt document is a.docx, then you need to rename it to

    4.2 Start WinRAR, go to "Tools > Repair Archive" to repair and generated a fixed file

    4.3 Rename back to a_fixed.doc

    4.4 Using Word to open a_fixed.doc.

    There may still be some warnings when opening the fixed file in Word, just let ignore it and Word will try to open and repair the fixed file. If the file can be opened successfully, then you can just save the contents into another error-free file.

    5. If all above methods does not work, then you may try third-party tools such as DataNumen Word Repair at

    I have used it to repair some word documents successfully. It provides a free demo version so that you can try to see if the data you want can be recovered or not.

    Good luck!

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    Card Recovery in 3 Steps!

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    I suggest that you try this solution

    good luck.

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