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''Please get to the point .If you don't like painting,just say so instead of beating

around the bush.''



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    Please get to the point. If you don't like painting, just say so instead of beating

    around the bush.

    請直接了當說了吧。你要是不喜歡畫畫,就說你不喜歡,別 拐彎抹角。

    get to the point: 直接了當地說;講要點

    painting: 繪畫

    say so: 按照你的意思說;那樣說

    instead of: 而不是;別.....而.....

    beat around the bush: 拐彎抹角;吞吞吐吐兜圈子

  • 6 years ago

    You need to come clean with this.

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