How can you tell if a girl is shy? And if she wants you to talk to her?

If this girl doesn't talk to anyone besides her mother. But the last time I (rising senior in high school and she's the same age) talked to her, which was the memorial day parade, the conversation seemed to go and she was looking at me and her body was facing me.

How can you tell if a girl is shy? Also if she is interested?

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    6 years ago
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    I can tell you how a girl is shy, but not if she's interested; whether or not she is interested you find that out by speaking to her about it

    A girl can be called shy if she;

    - Actually doesn't talk to anyone

    - Looks like she wants to speak to someone but seems to not be able to do so

    - Seems to be distant from everyone, seems to be a "loner"

    I'm extremely confident with a lot of pride myself, but if I have a book in my hand and am reading it, I'll definitely look like a shy guy

    Otherwise, maybe she just preferred to speak to you alone with no one else in the conversation

    Anyway, don't assume any of what I said means she's interested; you find that out for yourself

  • 6 years ago

    You would need to catch her looking at you a lot, at the time you both stare at each other, give a smile to show your interested, she should smile back if she is too

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