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BBUS: Do you think being on American team is hurting Donnie and Derrick games?

Donnie knew he should of put up Derrick and Frankie, but would not due to America team.

Derrick seem to being protecting both.

They both seem to know the other needs to leave, but they both seem to be honoring America team

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    Derrick no he's playing the best game and everyone seems to trust him and aren't after him.So it's not really hurting his game

    Donny in a way yes since he knew he should of put up Frankie. But he wouldn't even put him up even after Hayden told him Frankie said he would backdoor Donny.

    It hurt Donny because he didn't want to do the Team America task last week.

    Donny is a nice guy but he hasn't really made any other effort to make any other alliances. He goes to bed at like 10 and that's when most of the gaming talk takes place. He hasn't even made an alliance with Jocasta who is close with or even with Brittany who he was also close with.I don't see him talking much game. Derrick has a great social game and gotten to know everyone on a personal level. Comforts Jocasta/Victoria when they are crying

    Donny can't just rely on Derrick/Frankie.

    His gameplay outside of him winning Competitions hasn't impressed me. I know alot of people like him but i'm just not impressed with his game as i had thought.

    They don't really have to be in alliance together All Team America is doing these tasks

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