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In Pennsylvania , if a 17 year old starts a part time job, does the non-custodial parent still have to pay child support. ( custodial guardian gets cash from state welfare-not through domestic relations)?

(Person paying support is paying back the state )

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    Yes. Parent pays support until his/her child is 18. Depending on the court order of custody, visitation & child support, non-custodial parent may also be required to provide for the child's education to a specified age or qualification, e.g. age 21, or completes bachelor's degree (by some specified limit, e.g. # yrs in school, age limit), or open-ended as long as your kid remains in school pursuing a degree/qualification.

    However, it sounds like you never negotiated a proper court order of custody, visitation & child support, as is the usual practice in divorce. You are reimbursing the state for what your child cost state taxpayers. Chances are you keep paying until the state - i.e. taxpayers - are "made whole." You have to pay back everything your child received from the time the mother started getting welfare, WIC, food stamps, Medicaid, and everything else - with interest & penalties, administrative costs, etc. You need to reread the order to pay back the state.

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    Child support is based on PERCENT of your income. Not on how much rent the custodial parent pays, not on how many pairs of shoes the kid wears out or any details. The minor having a part time job is totally unrelated to the amount of child support ordered.

    There is a court order, and that is legitimate, and remains in force.. no matter who you make the check out to.

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